Like father, like daughter

Jessica is definitely our child. This kid can pass the gas – and oh my word is it stinky. Not only that, but she’s REAL good at the pooping – ALOT.
Of course babies eat, poop, and sleep – thats a no brainer really. But until it’s your own thats eating, pooping and sleeping – it’s not; #1 cute enough to write about, #2 worth mentioning at all, and #3 real.
Needless to say, we’re very proud.

3 thoughts on “Like father, like daughter

  1. Hey Jodi and Aaron – CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    so glad to hear all is healthy and happy and dimpled!
    Hey, what is you guys’ address??? (you can just email it to me if it’s not too much trouble – thanks!)
    Jodi – does Jessica get a KiKi (is that how you spell it?) : )

  2. Congratulations guys! I’m so happy for you, and I can’t wait to meet your daughter who is delightfully beautiful!!

  3. Hi everyone! So it’s been a bit crazy over here, I haven’t been on the internet as often as I’m used to. Thank you all so much for your congratulations!!! To answer a few questions :
    Kate – I’m hoping Jessica will have a kiki, for those of you who don’t know what that is … it’s a blanket. I was, and still am, attatched to mine. I still have my kiki – I sleep with it everynight, and I’m sure Jessica will find a certain blanket to nickname. She does suck her thumb, although it’s kinda hard for her to find it right now, she doesn’t have much muscle control.
    Molly – That would be AWESOME! Thursday works great. Thank you !!!

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