Being a mom

Ok now that I’ve given you an update on the photos – the only thing you’re all interested in right now anyway – I think I can babble on and on about something for a time now. The baby is sleeping – and I have no other housework waiting for me, so I’m sitting my butt on the internet (as I write this, the laundry buzzer goes off… it can wait.)
So, being a mom. Sometimes awesome, sometimes tiring, sometimes hard. Sometimes I think I’m crazy and other times I think it’s amazing. The emotions – all over the map. And the boobs, I’m sorry parents, grandparents and modest people – but the boobs are crazy huge. Apparently the whole breastfeeding endevor will do that a person. But I love the breastfeeding. It’s a bond that even though you can read about is nothing close to the actual experience of being the soul provider for your child. Not only giving life, literally, but being able to maintain it – it’s incredible. It’s the one thing thats specific to me and Jessica – something only she and I will know how to do with eachother.

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