Taking the baby out alone, episode one.

Aaron went back to work this past Wednesday so on Thursday I decided to brave the going out with an infant by myself thing.
We woke up rested around 8 am – I fed her, changed her, dressed her … she fell asleep. I showered and got ready.
I packed the diaper bag, double checked everything, packed her up in her car seat – all bundled and cute. Packed the car up with everything … holy crap – kids should come with luggage. Anyway – so everything ready, we’re set to go and I went to start the car, warm her up for the baby princess and myself – only when I try to start it … it’s dead. Not kidding.
Of course this would happen to me. Why wouldn’t this happen to me? It took 30 minutes to get ready to go out and now in a matter of seconds all that work was done in vain. I wanted to start crying but all I could do was laugh, outloud, to myself.
So I called Aaron – on his 2nd day back at work and told him the situation – he also laughed. I’m a magnet for this kind of thing. He came home and gave the Honda a jump start – it took 2 trys – but it worked and I got out of the house!!!
Now we start the car periodically just to make sure she’ll run when Aaron isn’t around. The things this pregnancy and motherhood thing have put me through. If I’m ever going to write a book about anything, rest assured it’ll be about what to REALLY expect when you’re expecting. Fully loaded with farting in your OB’s face, farting in the RN’s face in labor – more than once. Your car going caput on you on your first alone outing with the baby who’s only a week and half old. Etc.

One thought on “Taking the baby out alone, episode one.

  1. Aaron and Jodi Congrats!
    We finally got the internet set up at our house and i’ve spent the last hour reading/looking at the pictures of your beautiful little girl! She’s perfect and I’m so ecited for you guys! Remember kids fly free till they’re two-I think her first trip should be to Philly so she can learn her countries roots and of course see me!:) I’m glad you are all doing well-can’t wait to see ya’ll next time i’m home! Congrats again! ~Blystra

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