Cross your fingers

I think it’s safe to say we’re going through the 2 week growth spurt. Where nursing becomes the only thing we do all day and night for atleast 24 hours, if not a few more. The semi-schedule we were on for all of a week was about every 3 hours, sometimes a bit longer at night and sometimes a bit shorter in the day – but it was pretty consitent … thats been shaken, now it can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours inbetween the feedings. And there’s really no telling.
Not to mention Jessica’s inate ability to tell when we’ve put her down, no matter how soundly she’s sleeping – she knows when we’re not holding her … and it will wake her up all over again. Not always though. The thing is, the baby is tired – but she fights it.
Watch out world, we have a fiesty one.
We also think she knows when we’re about to change her diaper. The past few times Aaron has changed her she waits to “finish the job” until he has her naked and the next diaper is on it’s way, not quite there though. You know whats going on when you hear “Baby!” come through loud and clear on the monitor.
Tomorrow we have the 2 week check up and I’m a little nervous because we have to be there at a certain time. I have yet to have to be anywhere at a specific time alone with the baby. It could be a challenge tomorrow getting ready, making sure she’s fed and ready to go – hoping the car will start and actually ariving somewhere on time.
Here’s to crossing our fingers, for the next 18 years.

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