2 week check up stats

The doctor’s appointment went well this morning. Aside from the screaming that was commenced as soon as placed in the car seat – it was soon soothed with lots of rocking and a pacifier …
Anyway – Her new stats are:
8 lbs 1 oz (From 7.9 birth weight)
20 and 3/4 inches (From 20 inches)
Head circumference is 35 cm (From 34 cm)
She is in the 50th percentile. Doctor thinks she’s doing fantastic.

2 thoughts on “2 week check up stats

  1. Hey Jessie!
    I think you’re right – we’ll get a family photo up soon! One of us is always the one taking the photos – but we’ll do the timer thing and get crackin on the portrait šŸ™‚
    How are you???

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