The best baby carrier EVER!

So I did some research on amazon the other day about baby carriers … this one had the most interesting/best reviews so I thought I would give it a try – plus it looked really comfortable.
We got it in the mail yesterday and we tried it out. I was prepared to have to practice it a few times because the reviews made it sound like you had to “get the hang of it” first before it was the best baby carrier ever… however, if you READ THE INSTRUCTIONS like you’re supposed to – it only took me one try, and I can successfully put it on and put the baby in it without help.

2 thoughts on “The best baby carrier EVER!

  1. Actually Bill – thats exactly the idea. I was carried around like that for the frist 3 years of my life in Africa – except we didn’t have the Ultimate baby wrap – it was called a “Zenni”

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