To clarify …

Just to clarify – I wasn’t COMPLETELY disappointed the first week and half of her life – there were moments of sheer joy and elation. But for all intents and purposes … it was alot different, right at first, than what I thought it would be.
All of a sudden I didn’t have a team of nurses just down the hall to tell me how to bathe my child, or what color the poop should be, how many wet diapers are good to have and when to call the doctor if there are fewer than that …
On another subject – this whole Jessica sleeps in her big crib, in her own room, without the monitor’s thing – is SO working! And since I’m writing about this, it means tonight she’ll be up every hour – but that’s ok … I have an entire room of wood in this house, instead of knocking on it, I’ll roll around for a while.
Last night I was up only once during the night to feed her. ONCE! I fed her around 11 then put her down and went to sleep myself, I didn’t hear from her until 3:20 am – then I fed her and put her back down (she was awake, but she put herself to sleep again, we gave birth to a genius!) and then I didn’t hear from her until 7:12 this morning. HA!

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