Because I said so …

Jessica had her first talkin to this morning. And I used the words “Because we’re your parents and we said so.” I know. I hate myself too.
But it was totally called for. She stays AWAKE for an hour, sometimes more, after feeding her – only at NIGHT! And I just had enough of it. So I told her. She spit up all over herself right after I finished dressing her and talking to her. I can see this is going to be a lucrative job.
So this morning we’re making up our own words to the Kit Kat song, we’re dancing to loud music and we’re letting her fuss a little more than usual. She will stay awake. And if our plan goes right – she’ll sleep longer tonight.
Yes, we’re crazy. And yes, this will probably blow up in my face because I’m writing about it on the internet – but we’re willing to try anything just short of stripping her naked and taking a walk outside to keep her awake in the day.

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