Play date numero uno

Today Jessica had her first play date. And it was magnificent. We went to the Grandville mall to mall walk. Oh yes, I was that mother, with the stroller and the whole nine yards, WALKING THE MALL.
We went with Leanne and Anna – Anna being the infant with whom my infant “played” with. And by played with – I mean, looked at once and made some faces a couple times and cried together in the car. Otherwise, they were both separately in their strollers and it was more of a play date for us moms – which is the magnificent part. Human contact!
Of the many things we encountered I had my first public breast-feeding experience, which wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I tried to be discrete about everything, but lets be honest here – the boob HAS to sit out there while you’re getting everything ready. I’m sorry, there’s no two ways about it. You’re going to be confused as to which sphere is the childs head. But it wasn’t embarrassing (imagine that) or nearly as horrific as I had imagined public nursing to be. My kid has got eat – which means pulling out the boob, and I happened to be in public when that occurred.
We also actually saw a child on a leash; someone in this day and age was brave enough to put THEIR CHILD ON A LEASH AND BRING HIM IN PUBLIC.
Needless to say we had fun. And someday the play date will be all about the girls actually playing, not sleeping in their strollers next to each other.

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