Aunt Mona and Tara here for to meet baby Jessica from California

My aunt Mona and cousin Tara, mother and sister to Jessica’s namesake, came for a visit from California to meet our little girl.
It’s been an awesome few days. Their excitement and love and admoration of our baby goes beyond words. Aaron and I were a little timid about naming the baby Jessica if it was a girl because we’d be naming her after my cousin, who had so recenetly passed away. We didn’t want to hurt any feelings or make it uncomfortable for them – however, I can’t be more extatic at our decision. Not only because of what the name means to us, the legacy that Jessica left behind, but because the love and the life she gave and lived is now in a small way able to live on. If only in memory – it will never die.

Our daughter will definitely know of the greatness she comes from. She’ll be her own person, her own Jessica – but she’s special beyond words in more ways than one.

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