My daughter is officially sleeping through the morning. She doesn’t know what night is yet, still working on that one. But she’s been sleeping since 5:20 this morning, that makes it over 5 hours, which is considered “through the night” … only she’s sleeping through the morning. (And we’re still counting hours, she’s still sleeping)
And because it’s been 4 weeks and this is a first, we’re celebrating because I’m sure God is tired of hearing my cries for Jessica to know the difference between night and day – and He’s given me this morning as a beacon of hope – and we’re taking all we can get here. So HOORAY! JESSICA IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE MORNING! THANK YOU JESUS!
I’m also celebrating the fact that this morning is the first morning in these past 4 weeks that I’ve woken up on my own, without assistance from cries of hunger. I even took a shower without and infant watching me. HA!
But I am officially one of the least sexual beings on Earth. The other night when I was burping the baby, she spit up a bit – only a swallow, but it trickled down my shirt, inbetween the chestesses. And I did NOTHING about it. I let the baby’s spit up sit there because she was falling asleep and I didn’t want to move her until I was sure she wouldn’t wake up. So there I sat, rocking Jessica to sleep with spit up sitting in the valley. And to be completely honest, it was kinda warm so it wasn’t completely terrible.

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