There aren’t any photos in this post … just words.

So I finally bought non-maternity pants and let me tell you how much I LOVE wearing them. ALOT. Except it’s been about 8 months give or take since I’ve had to deal with a zipper, and apparently zippers take some extra, much needed, time when you’re in the bathroom. I have almost peed my pants on more than one occasion. It’s like learning to walk all over again.
Jessica was one month old this past Sunday – it was glorious. We took her to Pappy’s grave so she could finally “meet” the old frog who makes her smile in her sleep. 🙂 (Old frog is a standing joke in our family … just so you don’t think I’m being morbid)
Let’s talk about nursing cravings. Sometimes I think they’re worse than when I was pregnant. I’ve had a Frosty from Wendy’s every single day since she’s been born. (There were a few days I sustained, however there were those other days I had more than one, I know – I’m a frosty slut.)
It’s insane though. I have to get a large too, because a small isn’t big enough and lets face it, since I’m out and about souly for the reason of buying a Frosty – I might as well buy a large, we have to make it worth it now don’t we. And P.S. they’re $1.79. With tax.
I’m trying to quit the Frosty habit – I say that everyday and then 11:00 pm rolls around and I break down. But I will get over this, and soon hopefully. I have a more expensive habit than if I were smoking. I wonder what Jessica will think of my milk if I don’t have one, she’s never known it with out. This could be interesting.

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