Ebay – is it “soft gambling”???

Apparently Ebay is some kind a addiction for most people. Did you know you can sell COUPONS on Ebay??? WOW. So I keep getting these coupons for formula in the mail, and since I’m breastfeeding, I don’t have any use for them, so I put them on Ebay. And holy crap people are paying me money for these things. It’s amazing what sells and what doesn’t.
I once had a few sets of plates to sell – one set was antique, with the silver rim and everything, they’re beautiful. Another set was a discontinued Pfalsgraaf pattern, used with some wear and tear. I got nothing for the anitque plates – not one bid, but I sold the used plates for $60. Go figure.
And for all the grandmas and great grandmas who read this site out there – Jessica is doing wonderful, sleeping at the moment. She has a cold, runny nose and a small cough – and since she’s so young there isn’t anything we can give her. But she’s a trooper and isn’t very fussy even though we know she doesn’t feel 100%.
(To Great Grandma Schaap – Jessica LOVES the shower gift you gave us, the little ocean theme jungle gym she lays under and kicks and swats at. Does it all the time when she’s awake. 🙂 THANK YOU)

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