I don’t think I have a complete sentence anywhere in this post – a little bit terrible when your mother-in-law teaches English … hee hee.

It’s about time I update this site again, now isn’t it? I thought so too.
So we’ve had a busy week or two lately. I’ve been busy getting ready to launch my antique booth with my mom – we’ve been buying merchandise and getting everything in order for an LLC which we’re appropiately naming FARMER BROWN.
Now, I can see you asking yourself why thats appropriate in the first place and what the heck Farmer Brown even means – allow me to elaborate.
The very first joke Wayne ever told my sister and I when we met him – I was 9, Jill, my sister, was 11, was “Farmer Brown was bald on top, he wished he could rotate the crop.” That, THAT my friends is why he’s my pappy. Who could NOT love a man like that. So to keep the fun loving spirit of humor and good times goin’ – we’re going to think about that joke everytime we do paper work, get bogged down in a business plan or just plain are tired of it all.

This might be the first half smile we were able to catch on camera. The other day I ventured to Grandville with Leanne and Anna and Jessica – we went to Leanne’s sisters house for something new, a change in scenerey. Some other living room to stare off into oblivian while we nursed our children – and when Marcy was reading a story to the girls – we caught this smile 🙂

Aaron, Ben and myself, along with Jessica also had an interesting outing this past Wednesday night … Aaron and Ben have been getting back into the excersise of inline skating so Jessica and I went to watch the mocho men do awesome tricks and contort their bodies in ways you never thought possbile on skates. This is right before we went into the indoor arena – and this might be the most awesome photo we have to date of fatherhood. Aaron, skates in one hand, child in the other. Need I say more?

Well – maybe this photo is another most awesome one of fatherhood. I don’t know, now I can’t decide.

You know what though, now I’ve wanted to vent about the American Academy of Pediatrics ever since we brought Jessica home from the hospital … The AAP is not a parental government. There are no rule books or how to’s in parenting – so why do so many people freak out about what the AAP has to say – We, as parents, are not their children therefore, we as the parents need to be THE parents.
Meaning – Jessica sleeps on her stomach. There, I said it. Now send forth the concerned emails telling me I’m putting my child at risk for SIDS. No really – keep em’ coming. You know what though – 15 years ago it was dangerous to put your kids to sleep on their back and now it’s dangerous to be put to sleep on your stomach.
But Jessica choked, more than once, in the hospital and at home on her own spit up – I’m sorry – but I’m putting my child at more risk by NOT putting her to sleep on either her side or stomach than if I were to continually place her on her back. Do you know what it’s like to wake up to your child choking in the middle of the night?
It’s frantic. It’s horrifying, and it’s uncalled for. There now that I have that rant taken care of. It’s just, everyone is worried about doing the parent thing the right way – we all think we have to do this, this and that in order to be considered “good parents” – but how can there ever be a rule book or an Academy of doctors give us the standard in which we raise our children? Ultimately we have to do what we think is best, what we can live with at the end of the day – what our hearts are telling us is right – because, if we’re honest with ourselves about parenting … our gut and our heart is the only thing we’ve got most of the time.

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