Someone take away my license, no really.

When a child is screaming out of hunger in the backseat of the car and you have 15 minutes left before you’re home do you;
A) Check your blind spot, asses the traffic situation, activate your turn signal and safely pull over to the side of the road to console or feed your child.
B) Fish for the pacifier, it’s back there somewhere.
C) Do nothing; you’ll be home soon.
D) Drive a 5-speed stick shift with one hand in the snowy weather, with ice on the roads because your other hand is draped over your seat into the back seat, contorted in some new yoga position with your pinky stuck in your child’s mouth.
If you answered A, Congratulations! You pass the test! Take joy in the fact that you’re putting everyone’s safety, especially your child’s, first. You were born to be a parent.
If you answered B or C, You’re an average parent – you realize it’s OK to let your baby cry for a few minutes as long as his/her needs are met within a reasonable time. They won’t remember the time you let them cry in the car for 15 minutes before you got home.
If you answered D, Your name is Jodi Michelle Schaap, and although you can multi-task like a mother you’re a flight risk to the privilege of operating a vehicle.

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