Why is this happeneing already? WHY!

Yesterday we witenessed something that I’m sure is NOT supposed to happen for atleast 2 more months yet.
Jessica was taking her early evening nap – and about an hour into it she started crying, which is sometimes normal – so I let it go for a little bit, only she got louder and usually she just tapers off back to sleep within a few minutes. So I went in to check on her, she was crying out of pain. The child was laying on her arm.
Let me spell this out for you:
She sleeps on her stomach, but she was laying on her arm, ON HER BACK. She TURNED. HERSELF. OVER! She’s ROLLING OVER.
I want to put her in a cage and make her lay there, not moving … just laying. Because thats what INFANTS do. They aren’t mobile. Except, oh yeah – since she was 3 weeks old she’s been scooting on her stomach. We put her to bed facing one end of the crib, and I’m not joking when I say we woke her up on the other end of the crib, facing the other end, and ON the other side of the crib.
I’m sorry, did someone forget to tell me about the mental meltdown a parent undergoes when their children GROW UP!???
I need chocolate.

3 thoughts on “Why is this happeneing already? WHY!

  1. Whoa baby ~ this girl’s going places ~ literally!!! I KNEW she was strong!! Get your sneakers ready ~ AND the chocolate!! We love you all so much…

  2. Yes, she takes after her dad’s looks, the early moving … but she has my ears. And I decided last night that she has my tempermant. She’s an extremely good and easy baby – and my mom says the same about me. So there.

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