T-minus 40 hours

We leave our house for the airport to take us to Washington at 5:30 in the ungodly AM Thursday morning. I’m surprisingly calm. I actually don’t ever freak out about traveling – it’s a bit of a second nature to me, my dad is a pilot. However, I’ve never traveled with a 2-month old before. And my mind is somehow still intact.
I’m not one to pack every single outfit. I realize they make washers and dryers in Washington, too. I’m not even taking baby gear, just the car seat. I’m interested to see how this all works though. Does Jessica have to pass through the metal detector alone? Do they know she can’t stand yet? If I’m wearing her in her carrier, are they going to make me dismantle the contraption to scan for possible bombs?
Security is definitely going to be the interesting part. My guess is, she’ll sleep on the plane, and if she isn’t sleeping, she’ll be looking around at all the different faces and making the flight attendants go bonkers with her cuteness. Yea thats right, I’ll use the cute factor to get an extra bag of peanuts. Uh huh, I’m that parent. PROUD OF IT.
It’ll be our little experienment. I should keep a chart of how people ask me if “it’s” a girl or boy. Even though I’m going to strategically dress HER in PINK. Yea, I still get that question.
The other day in Panera Bread a mom shopping with her pregnant daughter and her teenage son asked me “what it was” – I said, “A girl” and then they were like “Oh, right, because boys probably don’t wear pink.”
Do all people think outloud and make themselves look stupid, because they could have answered that question on their own. They just needed a reason to get my silent blessing to look at my baby while I ordered. Somehow people feel akward when they’re just staring at the baby without saying SOMETHING to the mother.
TIP: We don’t care. Look all you want, we don’t need to talk to you about the sex of our child or how little she looks. We know. We live with them, 24/7.
Not only did this mother ask me this question, she proceeded to PROD my sleeping child. And by prod I mean, taking the blankets off her so she could literally inspect the child. Excuse me, WHY are you touching my child. I don’t know you, have you washed your hands, SHE’S SLEEPING.
I was flabbergasted. First they insult us by asking us the sex question then they have the audacity to POKE AROUND for a while.
Why does society not slap these people? This is not acceptable. I’m sure you’re all expecting me to have some awesomely cockey/brave comeback where I state my case and tell them to bug off and leave the baby alone. But, I’m here to disappoint you. I was so taken aback that I just stood there, watching.
What have I come to?

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