Detox 101

We made it. Jessica did wonderful on the plane. She slept through most of it, was only awake to eat. And there was no screaming for take-off or landing. It was awesome.
We had a blast in Washington, in a few days, after I get my photos back, I’ll post a gallery for y’all.
Today we’re getting back on schedule. Which hasn’t been hard at all because Washington is only 3 hours behind us, which is just one feeding time interval difference, so I worked hard to keep her on Michigan time. Which meant I woke up between 3 and 5 every morning to feed her. Yea, I had a relaxing vacation. haha.
It is harder to let your infant cry in someone else’s house, especially when people are around 24/7. Jessica has not minded being held every waking hour – which I didn’t mind either, except that 9 pounds or so does actually get heavy and well … now that we’re home I have things to do. So we’re trying to rid that habit. Not fun.
We sat by a very interesting individual on our last flight home – did you know that if your child sleeps with their hands extended that it’s a sign of intelligence? Or that if you double their birth length that’s their height as an adult … uh, Jessica would be 40 inches … as an Adult. Well, then maybe it was their height at age 2, or was it 2 1/2 … they couldn’t remember, but at some point in their life, if you double their height, thats how tall they are as an adult.
Ok, thank you perfect stranger – please try to touch my babies head ONE MORE TIME. No seriously, just try.
It was interesting, this traveling with an infant. Absolutely EVERYONE looks and says SOMETHING, and smiles. Then they have to tell you how big their baby was, and oh my, she has the hiccups!? Was she a premie? You must have had a C-section, her head is perfect.
There is no end to the thoughtless comments stupid people make. Thats the book I’m going to write someday, The Thoughtless Comments of Stupid People on Parenting and Babies.
Anyway, more about the actual trip to come. We made it home safely and we had a blast.

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