So, certain milestones are right around the corner and I’m not ready to admit to the fact that my baby is soon going to enter toddler status. Almost 3 months and poof, they’re mobile.
Soon there will be rolling around the room, not just rolling over and scooting on ones stomach. Apparently we could start cereal at 4 months or so, which, unless my child isn’t growing, we won’t be doing. Breast milk is all they need for atleast the first 6 months, after that we’ll think about it. Except of course those times when Aaron sneaks her smoothie from his glass – He’s probably also going to be giving her ice cream for breakfast before too long. This is why Dad’s are the favorite, and they’re much needed, so we let them spoil our little girls. Why? Because every little girl deserves to be doted on by her daddy – it’s our born right.
Sometimes I feel like I don’t stimulate her enough when she’s awake. But it’s kinda hard to know what will keep her attention for stimulation. So we just try a gamit of things. Someone recently asked me if there was one thing about being a mom that I didn’t like, or that if I could change something, what would it be?
I didn’t have an answer for them. I told them the only thing that bothered me was that I didn’t hold her all the time when she was awake. But we want her to be able to console herself and put herself to sleep without our help too – so we let her play by herself.
But after thinking about it, if I could change one thing I would change:
The fact that she produces tears, or that she has to at all.
I would change the constant worrying I do when she’s sleeping – thats the one time I can’t go by sound to know if everything is ok.
And I would change feeling powerless to the thought that she’ll leave someday. That she won’t be tiny enough to fit into my arms, that she’ll grow out of her infant clothing, that, in the blink of an eye, she’ll be all grown up and we’ll let her go.

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