Nice to see you getting out, too

The other day I was doing some serious spring cleaning when I decided to run out for a few errands. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a pullover sweatshirt, and sandals. But picture my nasty toe-nails sticking out of the top of the sandals, haven’t been painted since before Jessica was born, peeling, cracking … you name it.
So I’m in this store when I run in to someone I know – they look at me, obviously, and say “It’s so nice to see that you’re getting out now … ”
I made the least amount of small talk required and booked it out of there. I’ve become that housewife mother who leaves the house without doing her hair or makeup (uh, wait, that hasn’t changed, I never do, but am seriously reconsidering) and with whatever contraption of an outfit I threw on after being spit up on 3 times in the course of an hour.
Not to mention, and really, don’t mention this to my mom or Aaron, but I take some serious pride in a clean house these days. The feeling of accomplishment after scrubbing my floors really gets me coming back for more.
However, don’t go quoting me. I’m blaming this on spring fever.

2 thoughts on “Nice to see you getting out, too

  1. I caught that clean house detail and I have just gotten back up on my chair after falling off from it!

  2. haha, yea I don’t know that Aaron has gotten up yet either. But shhhh. Let’s not remember I ever said that. Someday, sooner probably, I’ll get that one thrown back in my face. You know, when I haven’t vacuumed in a month and the dust bunnies are taking over. Yea, then I’ll be forced to read this entry all over again and claim amnesia.

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