Baby death grip 101

Jessica’s new favorite thing is to suck on a wet washcloth. We found this out while giving her a bath and she grabbed the washcloth out of my hands to insert it into her mouth. She wouldn’t let it go until we had re-dressed her and had her distracted enough to play with us, not the washcloth.
Right now she’s laying under her kick-n-play gym with a wet washcloth. She’s got the death grip on the poor thing. I feel for the washcloth becuase she’s practiced the death grip on my o-so-soft and sensitive skin while nursing. And my neck, and my arms … pretty much anyting in the path of her palm.
She doesn’t quite have the coordination down with things in her hand, it first goes into her cheek, then her eye – maybe a detour into her ear and maybe, by the chance of babies everywhere it actually makes it into her mouth. But when it does get there, in the mouth, it is a happy happy day.
The cooing with acomplishment and the dimples that we see with this child after she has something, anything to suck on … is why we became parents.
Well, not literally. We didn’t know we’d have a dimpled baby with big blue eyes that carried the scent of angels – but if we did know. If somehow we could have been prepared … we wouldn’t have waited so darn long in the first place.

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