Suddenly early 20’s feels older.

So has becoming a mother made me feel older? When I look into the mirror do I see someone “older”?
I spent my entire teenage youth WANTING to look older. You’d think I would say a resounding YES, and I LOVE IT. However, I was shopping for a wallet yesterday at KOHLS and they were having a sale (imagine that!) that when you buy one wallet or purse you get another for only $1. So I was perusing the purses.
I kid you not, I perused those stupid things for more than an hour. I think I picked up EVERY SINGLE purse there was and handeled it, opened it, inspected it. Nada, nothing, zilch. I couldn’t find ONE purse that suited me.
I felt old. I didn’t want any of these fashion forward prototypes, or the teeny-bopper one with buckles and ribbons coming out of every other pocket. I just wanted a simple purse that could go over my shoulder that would fit the wallet I had chosen and would go with anything. Purses used to be able to acomplish that.
I just feel so out of style I guess. Which in turn can make one feel older. Ugh.
Oh and of course I was looking to see if any were big enough to hold a few diapers without looking like a diaper bag. Did fashion used to be this tretorous?
Aha, lets not forget about the baby I had with me. The Child. Who was awake and giggling at me everytime I put a purse back and made a face at her. In the middle of the whole ordeal in KOHLS she pooped, loud and clear – red face and all. I think we know how she felt about the experience as well.

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