Just beware. That’s my only warning.

Uh, so apparently just because the Palmolive is in the same aisle at Sams Club as the rest of the dishwasher detergent, doesn’t mean it’s for the dishwashing MACHINE. Ehum. Hee hee. OOOOOOOOooooopsies.

And y’all thought I KNEW what I was doing when I mentioned I liked cleaning. AHA Ha Ha Ha Ha! It was 12:26 in the PM last night when Aaron and I decided to peek at Jessica, because we could, then we ventured into the kitchen for some water and – well, we met the MOB of soapy water all over our floor.
I was on my way to getting crabby about it when I thought “If my dad were still here and this was happening to him, he’d be turning red in the face from laughing so hard, and it’d be so contagious that everyone around him would start to laugh uncontrollably.” So instead I started laughing, uncontrollably.
And here’s some photos of Jessica just because she’s so darn cute and I can’t help myself.

6 thoughts on “Just beware. That’s my only warning.

  1. oh my word that girl is soooo dang cute! she totally looks like aaron in the first pic.

  2. Way too go! So how did you rectify the situation?
    I am interested in telling my father who is an appliance repair technician. So that when he runs across people like you he knows what to tell them to do.

  3. Aside from your daughter being a doll… you’re just so cute yourself! Glad to hear you laughed at the situation! Laughing is more fun!

  4. I love the pictures. My niece is so dang cute! Also I am glad you can laugh @ those situations. They happen to me so often I don’t have a choice;0)

  5. Hi people! So I apparently wrote this entry signing in as Aaron, which is why I had no idea that there were comments on this post. BUT, now that I do … HAHAHAHAHA!
    I’m glad to see you’ve all seen the humor in this too. Yes Jessica is a doll, I agree. And thank you. She’s a minature Aaron, which means she looks just like her Aunt Leah (HI LEAH!) – but she has my ears. And apparently my eyes. But I can only see Aaron.
    I’ll have you all know that I went BACK to Sams yesterday to buy dishwasher MACHINE soap. And we didn’t have another incident. But my dishes sure were sparkling clean.
    Josh – have your dad tell people like us that you not only have to read labels, but understand them. A photo of a sparkling glass on the front doesn’t mean dishwasher safe. Ehum.

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