YOU HAVE TO GO, they said, YOU CAN’T MISS IT, they told us

I woke up at 5:00 AM this morning. on. purpose.
{Long pause}
You see, there was this awesome flea market in Ravenna so my mom and I decided we should check it out for our antique business. The plan was to meet at her house at 5:30 and leave. Well even though I woke up on time I was running late, what with all the pumping and the getting the child ready without waking the child or the husband.
I was stelth like, really. But also a bit behind schedule. Anyway, we ended up leaving at abou 6 AM. Not bad, we’d still be getting to the flea market early enough that the die hards wouldn’t’ve boughten EVERYTHING.
So we’re driving and chatting, and driving, and chatting … a few wrong turns here and there and we made it to the flea market by 7 AM. This AWESOME flea market, the one that I woke up at 5 AM for, the one that was ranted and raved upon, WE HAVE TO GO, they said … YOU CAN’T MISS IT, they told us … yeah, right … uh huh. A total of THREE vendors were present. THREE!
We drove in the parking lot, and out of the parking lot. Saving a total of $14 admission. Uh, so – thanks, I guess.
We ended up having a nice productive day – a long, but very productive day. And we can add something else to the list of things we’ll be laughing at – we thought it’d be funny a year from now – but it was deliriously hilarious at 7:04 this morning already.

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