Someday, we might have another.

Today my baby is 3 months old.

3 months ago I was wondering when I would get to meet this baby, when, when would I get to look into those eyes and know for certain that God is so real.
You are such a precious baby girl. You smile so willingly for both me and your dad now. You’re starting to giggle, which is really just a screech. And we’ve taken to calling you “grasshopper”.
We’re starting to see bits and pieces of your attitude / personality and some of the things remind us so much of eachother that it’s scary. We can tell you’re going to be a stuborn one. You get that from your dad. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be proud of knowing what you want, but also … remember, Because We Said So. Those words are not to be messed with when you can understand what they mean.
When you get angry you kick your legs. You’re usually only angry when you’re done eating, but not done sucking and I take you off the nursing. Then you jump up and down on my belly, like a “grasshopper” and scream for a few minutes. Then you find your fingers and are in bliss once again.

You’ve also just taken up the habbit of chewing on your tongue. And this is especially funny when it gets in your way when you’re eating. Because milk is literally spraying all over your face and my arms and you’re looking up at me, squiniting from the spraying, with your tongue stuck out to timbucktoo, and you’re just knawing away at it.
I can’t explain how much I love you. It get’s bigger everyday. And I know that someday we’ll have more kids, but right now we couldn’t ask for anything else. You’ll be a good big sister, but you’ll always be our “baby” – you’ll always be the answer to prayer, and you’ll always be my breath of Heaven.

Mama – o – Papa

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