Pregnancy, a fashion statement or a trend? Those babies DO make cute accessories.

Uh, I’m sorry, but I have to say it. Britney Spears is pregnant.
The one and only naughty thing I allow myself to read is US WEEKLY, and or PEOPLE. I call them my naughty magazines. Which I’m sure sounds terrible in the grocery store – people with children old enough to decipher what naughty might mean probably think I’m talking about some grose nudey magazine. But because I don’t much care what they think I don’t correct them either.
I like the hollywood gossip. What can I say? And OH MY WORD – Britney, BRITNEY SPEARS is PREGNANT!? Did we see that coming or did we see that coming?
Uh, I don’t feel ashamed for knowing this, and I don’t really feel guilty for being able to point out numerous articles online featuring this news – but because I’m trying to have SOME self restraint on this site, I’ll decline my impulse to indulge the information.
I know people who know people who know who I am and that could be embarassing. Plus, I married Handsom g33k 101 and he’d be horrified to know I’m using the SACRED INTERNET to read about the Spears-Federline stork watch.

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