Everything she touched turned to poo

Has your child ever had a blow out so powerful that it seeps it’s way down the leg INTO the footsie where they proceed to STOMP ON IT?
We are the proud, proud parents of one powerful little pooper.
She’d gone 2 days without a trace of anything close to looking to like poop and then it happened. Playing in the excersaucer, the foundation of our house shook while The Child went on with her business.
The noise is normal nowadays. We’re used to hearing it across the room and all way from the basement. So we didn’t jump to change her – in all actuality she probably wasn’t finished with just one blow – so we wait a few minutes.
And then we see it. Literally, we see it. On the excersaucer base, in her footsie, down her leg and the satisfaction of a smile on her face.
Holy Crap. Again, literally.
And I’m sorry to say that it was so drenched in her footsie that everything her foot touched turned to poo. Just like Donald Trump – everything he touches turns to gold. Same color, gold and poo. Maybe Jessica’s on to something, Donald? What with the comb-over catastrophe ??? Just wait, she’ll fire YOU someday. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

2 thoughts on “Everything she touched turned to poo

  1. at about three months, the same thing started happening with my son… two days without a poop, which isn’t a bad thing,until it explodes out–a few days worth of poop. šŸ™‚
    and there is something about any type of device where they sort of sit/hang… his poops usually happen in his johnny jump-up. so i’d expect some more poops when she’s playing in her exersaucer.

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