The sun is out

We had an incredibly hard day yesterday. One filled with endless tears and I didn’t know what was wrong. I was working on a post about postpartum depression and how I feel so lucky to not have had a bout of it to date. Then I woke up yesterday.
It wasn’t depression, it was depressing. I was helpless to know how to comfort my baby, she wouldn’t nurse and when she did she screamed the whole time. I had to feed her a bottle because I was so stressed that my milk supply was seriously in question.
Insert hysterical baby with hysterical mom, both wailing because communication just isn’t part of what we know how to do with each other yet.
Then we woke up this morning, yesterday was finally over. And she smiled at me. She was just looking around her crib when I came into view and she focused on me and smiled. kinda like saying “There you are mom!! HI!!!!”
And all I can do is giggle like a school girl. My baby knows who I am, and she loves me.

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