High on gas

Yesterday I was at the dentist getting a crown and they asked me if I would like the gas and the shot for numbing effects. Of course I said yes. Gas me up!!
So I was laying there, pretty high at this point when the DDS came in and asked the assistant which tooth they’d be working on …
DDS: “So what tooth are we working on today?”
Assitant: “#30”
Me: “Oh, why, You know him well, huh!?”
Why do they let patients talk AT ALL when hooked up to gas? WHY!?
And at one point I remember completely freaking out in my head because I’m a mother – and what in the world am I doing losing control of my senses, I got frantic and started to breath irregularily, and then I remembered I was in the dentists office – I wasn’t alone or breaking any laws. So I relaxed and thats when the sweet serum of gas entered my blood stream and I started to float on the chair and see yellow and purple dots on the ceiling tiles.
Who says the dentists’ office isn’t any fun?

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