Another housewife Faux Poi (or is it Pah?)

We all know I have issues with the differences between dishwasher detergent and soap, right? Well now we’re questioning my ability to operate the stove. And when we lived in our first house we had serious doubts about my ability to operate the dryer. It’s a wonder I ever got asked to be married.
You see we got some pizza tonight and decided to get a movie – well the pizza came first so I put the boxes in the oven thinking it would stay warm. But then I had this genious thought that I could put the oven ON to lo-broil and it would work even better. (The staying warm part)
Mind you the pizza’s are still in their boxes at this point, IN THE OVEN, THE OVEN THAT IS ON, AS IN OPERATING WITH HEAT.
Then I left to get the movie and told Aaron that the pizza’s were in the oven, warming up.
I get a call while I’m in Blockbuster … Uh, Jodi – the pizza’s, they’re on fire.
Me: WHAT?!?!
Aaron: Yea, only one box caught fire and now it’s in the driveway leaping in flames and the neighbors are looking at me like I’m a lunatic.
Me: Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee, breathe, hee hee hee hee hee hee … (I’m still in a public at this point, laughing, out loud on my cell phone.) OOOOOOooooopsies. Did the alaram go off? How’s Jessica? What happened?
Aaron: You turned the oven ON, Jodi. That’s what happened. Oh, gotta go, more flames. Click.
Uh, ehum, hee hee. Lets just chalk this up to one of those things I’ll get bugged about for the next 50 years every time we make or order pizza. Because it sure gets dark at night, right mom? šŸ˜‰
I blame these moments of sheer blondeness on my mother. There are many-a-moments recorded in our family history of her making statements like the one above – It sure gets dark at night. Or, Boy, this fridge sure keeps things cold. And of course, the token … Man, the sky sure is blue. Granted, she seems to have only gotten caught in the phrase of stupidity while I’ve somehow taken it one step farther in to ACTING in stupidity.
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6 thoughts on “Another housewife Faux Poi (or is it Pah?)

  1. I’m not alone!!!??? You know, this might be a first – that a reader actually admitts to being as handicapped as I am in some areas. Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU.

  2. jodi… i too must admit to something similar that i have done, though not the same thing. i put a frozen loaf of bread in the microwave, complete with the twist-tie, and as the twist-tie came around on the mircowave turn table, it was on fire. so now we have all learned 2 things, cardboard burns in the oven, and twist-ties catch on fire in the microwave!

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