4 down, 2 to go.

So this is the thing. I’m not allowed to be a homemaker anymore. Not only can I not operate any of the heavy machinery that comes along with the job such as; The dryer, the oven, the dishwasher, AND NOW THE WASH MACHINE. But I’m a hazard to our insurance.
Now, a disclaimer on my part, this wasn’t MY fault. But it’s amazing that it would happen to ME seeing as how I’m on a streak of good luck with the appliances.
About the Wash Machine Disaster:
Really isn’t that long of a story, and I’ll get right to the point. Yesterday I turned on the washer around 9:30 AM with an extra large load of towels and rugs. I didn’t think about it again until my mom came over and we were going to run some errands. Before the errands were run we needed to check something in the basement … so la-ti-dah, we’re heading down stairs and my floors look so shiny!! Wow, I haven’t cleaned them in a while but, man! They look good. We get closer … closer … oh wait, that’s not CLEAN it’s an half an inch of WATER IN MY ENTIRE BASEMENT.
My thought process at this point: Okie dokie, here we go.
I think the underlying problem in all of my appliance problems is the fact that we bought then at ABC WAREHOUSE – which would be better named ABC WHOREHOUSE OF MONEY GRUBBING, SLIMY WHITE TRASH WORKING ON COMMISSION TO RAPE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR. Needless to say, we had a VERY bad experience and will be paying the extra money upfront to a reputable appliance sales store, such as Northgate, next time.
So anyway, good thing we have homeowners insurance and right now we have some awesome people cleaning out the basement with all these fun vacuums and fans. We might have to have our furnace, flooring and some baseboards replaced but it’ll be a few days before we know what the total damage is.
I think I need a raise.

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