New things baby does these days.

Jessica has taken to rubbing her eyes when she’s tired which is entirely adorable and completely irresistible. But it’s very nice too, because there’s really no question as to whether or not she’s tired. Accompanied by the rubbing is usually this loud screech that turns into a cry if you wait 5 minutes.
She kind of giggles/cries and screeches all at the same time and that’s when I know if I pick her up and pop the binky in her mouth she’ll relax and fall asleep for atleast an hour and half.
The weird thing is she sleeps between every feeding. Which “they” say was supposed to subside somewhere around 3 months. But here we are, 6 weeks later still taking 5 naps a day. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love the quiet time. I can get things done, sit outside, read my book, make dinner or bake … but I want to play with the girl too!
Needless to say yet again, being a mom is the best job I’ve ever had. Ever. No freakin’ contest.
She hasn’t rolled over too many more times on her own yet either – from her back to her front. But she’ll get on her side and yell at the floor as if to tell it; “If you would only MOVE so I could lay on my stomach!!!” It’s too cute really. She tries so hard and then all that ends up happening is her spinning around in circles on the floor not actually getting anywhere.
Have we mentioned she takes after her father? What with all the determination and lack of being able to SIT STILL for 3 seconds. This girl, she never stops. The next one (as in child, as in 18 years from now, MAYBE) will be more mild tempered, I’m sure of it. ( and I’m lieing to myself through my teeth.)

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