There are days when I wonder if I’m completely messing with her mind.

Consistency is really the key to good parenting. And, in my opinion, the HARDEST part about parenting. One day I’m ok with letting her cry herself to sleep when I know she’s tired or it’s nap time, while other days I just want to pick her up and rock her to sleep (or just let her cry in our bed or while she’s playing with her toys), even though I KNOW she just wants to sleep – so the picking her up would just defeat that purpose.
It’s also gotten harder to let her cry, her personality is coming out and I feel like I know her more and more everyday – so, for me, it’s harder to just ignore it because I know the little person in the crib on a much deeper level than before.
Not only is consistency the key to a happy baby – meaning a good schedule and happy environment – but it really is the key to easy parenting; for us. Everyone is different. There, thats my disclaimer.
It’s so important for Jessica to have a bed time and then not to be disturbed after that. So our lives pretty much stop after 8:30. And mine starts at 7 every morning, sometimes earlier. And we get those friends and family members who call past 9pm and I’d like to strangle them for not thinking first. Unless some one is dieing, and I mean – we’re calling the funeral home emergency type – call before 9pm.
I’ve read that once you settle into a routine the baby will all of a sudden change the routine or throw a wrench in the works and let me tell you how true this is. Jessica was on an awesome nap schedule, starting with a 3 hour nap in the morning and then subsequent naps in the afternoon – and now, for the past few days it’s been 2 maybe 2 1/2 hours. Which is still good, but again, you wonder – should you let them cry it out and fall back to sleep for another 45 minutes? Or get them up and feed them now?
Consistency. What a bugger.

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