growing pains

A small, itty, bitty – almost non-existent remnant of a tooth it poking through my daughters lower jaw.
She’s not a big fan of the teething rings, she would much rather CHEW ON HER TOUNGE. We know, she’s an inventor of sorts – comes from a line of freaking geniuses.
She’s also discovered my hair – and oh my, it doesn’t go anywhere when I pull on it !!!! But thats ok, because she’s also started to reach for me when someone else is holding her. And that my friends will get you right where the blood flows. She finds comfort and stability in my arms.
She recently developed a fascination with pillows – they’re big and fluffy and she’s strong enough to whip them around and kick them up and all over, this is a fun new game.
And I’m happy to report that I’m finally able to tell that I am also one of her parents. She resembles me a little more everyday – I also see my sister in some of her faces that she makes. I think it’s the eyes – Must have some Broersma gene in there.

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