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Yesterday we packed our Michigan selves up and traversed down to Shipshewana for the day with my mom. We had a blast. Jessica was a charm as always – smiling for everyone and being content to sit in her car seat for hours at a time. Jesus does love me.
But when I came home, I came home to an ornery husband, and rightfully so. It was hotter inside our house than it was outside – and it was over 90 degree’s yesterday. Needless to say we broke down and bought a window air conditioning unit.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Aaron in the past 5 years – it’s that he can’t STAND heat. Literally. We’re talking temper tantrums and freak-outs. But I still love him, dearly, with all my heart.
I, on the other hand, don’t mind the heat. It’s not my favorite – I like to be comfortable. But I still have a little bit of Texas in my blood I think.
And of course, Jessica Ranae doesn’t know any different. So she’s peachy keen.
In other news – We’re pondering, praying and tossing around the idea of me getting a part time job on some nights and possibly a weekend day. Which I’m having a hard time with – being home, raising our kids is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. But next May the income I do bring in to the house will be stopping and we’re trying to figure out a way to keep that coming in. If I could find something I could do from home for less than 20 hours a week I would be in Heaven, so you could all pray about that too. And the cool thing is, maybe it’ll work out on it’s own – if we’re faithful stewards, it’s possible God will work out the rest.
Aaron and I just got done taking the Crown course – which is a biblically based study on finances. We had a blast with it and learned tons. The biggest thing we need to remember is that our “things” aren’t OUR things – they’re God’s. And we’ve been tested a plenty since we started the course. So we’re trying our hardest to be faithful and stick to our plans for saving and paying off our car to become debt free. I’m convinced Satan has other plans for us – Money is the root of all evil and that’s not just a phrase – when money becomes our motivator – our sole purpose, the thing we strive for … we’re worshiping money, in my opinion.
So when times are tough and you’re thinking of ways to get that extra $50 so you can have a life, you’re pursuing money – not God. So we’re really learning to pursue God first in our decisions, as small as they are. And it’s rewarding to make it to the end of a goal, as small as they are, and be rewarded for it.
Case in point: I had a seriously hard time giving. Tithing was taking MY money and ripping it out of my bleeding hands. I did not like or enjoy giving to my church. But we worked on it for a few weeks and then one week it wasn’t so bad to give, infact I kind of enjoyed it and WOW – it felt good. And then the next week it was easier and so on so forth, now when I write the check, which is the first thing I do after we get paid, it’s like “wow, this is so exciting” …
Anyway, we had made a list of needs and wants and on the want list was new carpet for the basement. There was no way we were going to be getting that any time soon because of the cost and the other priorities in place before that – so we put it on hold but still thought about it. Well, as you may have read, we had water in our basement. Which, true, isn’t a blessing – but for us it was a blessing in disguise. We’re going to be getting new carpet in our basement for what we can afford to spend. Our insurance company doesn’t think it’s a blessing I’m sure, but I’ll be the first to tell you that God works in mysterious ways.
We (Aaron and I) just have to keep remembering that.

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  1. And I have found that He honors those decisions. A charismatic church that I attended briefly used to call it “getting back the years that the locusts had eaten” – meaning that when you didn’t tithe, little things would eat away at your money.

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