Almost 6 months

So Jessica is almost 6 months old – we’re about a week and half away from that mile marker but today I’m going to show you here 5mo. photos.

Jessica Ranae,
You’ve kept me increasingly busy these past few weeks, you’re on the verge of crawling and almost walking – you don’t like to sit still or stay on my lap long enough to cuddle anymore. Although I try to coarse you into thinking laying on my chest is fun. It doesn’t work. Your personality is showing more and more everyday and you are just a little firecracker. We love you SO much.
You started eating baby food – sweet peas, carrots and sweet poatoes are your favorite so far. And do you ever know how to make a mess! It’s adorable. We have it on video to show you and your friends, maybe even a boyfriend on your 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays and someday when you’re in your 40’s, we’ll show it at your wedding.
Your baby blue eyes and those dimples are the light of my world every morning. You’ve finally stopped waking up at 5 in the morning. Now we’re a bit more normal with a 7-8am wake up call. And when we put you down for a nap you like to hug your crib bumper, stick yourself all the way into the corner of your crib and blow bubbles with your tongue or jibber to the bears on your mobile.
I see more and more people who know me when I’m out with you and everyone always asks how I like being a mom … Jessica, I love being a mom – but more than anything I’m inlove with being YOUR mom. It’s so hard to think that we’re only borrowing you for a short time – but the precious time we do have I am so thankful for. With each passing moment I’m assured that being a mom, being your mom, loving you and someday your sibblings, is what I was put here to do.
You’re still my sweet breath of Heaven – Love,

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