We’ll be seeing you

I ran and finished the Patriot’s Day 5K in Grand Haven this morning! I was 12 place in my age group and 278th place over all (hee hee). I ran 12:58 minute:second miles and did the entire 5K in 40:15 minutes:seconds. Thankyouverymuch. I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will be participating in the upcoming Grand Haven Coast Gaurd Festival 5K as well, held on July 30. I’m hoping to improve my time by 4 minutes, which I think is doable because I walked a few minutes this time, and I plan to jog/run the whole thing on July 30.
Tomorrow morning Aaron, Jessica and I leave for a week of VACATION!!! That’s right people, VACATION. And we’re SO looking forward to the break and a bit of relaxation. So – needless to say, this site will be enjoyably neglected for atleast that long, maybe longer.

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