Home again, home again

Vacation was so much fun. We had a blast, I wasn’t completely ready to come home yet. I’ll get some photos online shortly, until then though – a few highlights/mishaps worth noting:
Jessica, Aaron and I went to Nooksak falls again, and I think Jessica remembered them from March. Thankyouverymuch. It was beautiful of course and the weather was great. We did have rain a few days, but other wise it was sunny and warm, but not too warm.
We stayed with my Aunt Ranae and family, actually in an apartment above their offices – so we had our own place. It was ideal. One of the not so glamourous moments was when Jessica fell out of a shopping cart onto the floor in a store.
Yeah. You might have to read that one again.
Fell out of a shopping cart. FELL. OUT. OF. A. SHOPPING. CART.
I had taken her out of her car seat because she was fussy and restless so I thought I’d hold her while I was browsing, well there happened to be something I wanted to inspect further – so I put her back in her seat for a second to bend over and peer at this item – next thing I know, out of the corner of my eye, my child is flying to the ground.
Then the screaming started and the tears and my heart ripping in two.
Thankfully she fell flat on her stomach, only getting a small rug burn on her chin. Nothing else happened. THANK YOU JESUS! And other than being scared, she didn’t seem to be effected. Me on the other hand, I’ll never forget the terror of the moment, the absolute horror of seeing my baby fall from 4 feet off the ground.
My aunt was with me, and since she has 3 boys, this has happened to her before – she talked me through it and made sure we were both OK. The real mistake came when I called Aaron and TOLD HIM OVER THE PHONE.
LADIES – DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT give the father of your children this kind of news OVER THE FREAKING PHONE.
And that’s all I’ll say about that.
We celebrated my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and took family photos, spent an afternoon at the Bay, went to Fairhaven (town), explored the local town of Lynden and drove around and through Bellingham. To mention a few.
It was a great vacation. There are many more to come!!

2 thoughts on “Home again, home again

  1. Oh Jodi ~ we are so glad you had a nice time in Washington!! I just wanted you to know that Leah, also, fell out of the grocery cart when she was about Jessica’s age. Aaron was right there, (no he didn’t push her!) but she flipped in a second, and the cart went right over too. If you look very closely, she has a little semi-circular scar on her lip from this experience. It only took a second…and the rest of the kids made it safely through their cart riding days! We love you ~ anxious to see the pictures…

  2. just to make you feel better…my son flopped out a his carseat onto a waiting room floor (a waiting room full of people) because the handle of the carseat wasn’t “clicked”. oh how embarrassing! and my poor 2 month old baby flung onto the ground. he was fine but you wouldn’t know it from the WAILING! šŸ™‚

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