I want my nap back.

The teething, it’s in full swing. The crying, screaming, clinging and biting are also in full swing.
I need a vacation.
And not just a weekend away, without pumping or diapers, but a full fledged “waves ripping on sand, only resemblance to human noise is my breathing, sleeping in, taking uninterrupted naps, getting a tan and only wiping my own butt” vacation.
Lately there has been a wedding every weekend for us, which is exciting for the newly married couple; Congratulations. But for us, me in particular, this means that Jessica’s schedule, my peace of mind, will be interrupted for days on end. Which then entails 2 days of detox back onto the schedule with only a day left to actually enjoy the return of the schedule just so that we can go through it all again tomorrow, with another wedding.
Needless to say, although I’m happy for you all – ELOPE ALREADY.
Changing topics now – to Jessica’s recent accomplishments of standing unassisted, crawling vigorously from room to room, walking while holding onto something, and jabbering. Oh – and torturing me with the teeth that are taking their FRIGGEN MARY LITTLE TIME coming in. And to think, I have 2 more years of this.
Some one order me a drink already.

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