This happened, this monumental thing happen on Sept 2, 2005

I’m a stay at home mom, home maker, wife, etc. We decided that this is what we wanted when we knew we were going to be having kids in the near future – it’s something we’ve talked about in length and has been our desire from the get go.
Along with being a stay at home, I get to witness Jessica’s “firsts” – First word, First crawl, First tooth, First steps, yadda yadda. Here’s the kicker – The other day Aaron comes home from work and is playing with Jessica outside while I’m getting dinner ready – when I go out there to check on them and see what’s going on Aaron informs me that Jessica took her first step.
Uh. Thanks for waving me down from the kitchen, yelling across the yard, ANYTHING to get me out there to witness it too!!!???
The past 9 months of not working, of preparing a home, having a baby, raising a baby, coaxing that baby to crawl, sit, stand, talk, and WALK – and who sees the first step?? Aaron.
Not that I mind, ALOT. I’d rather it be Aaron than a daycare worker – but seriously. That’s the one thing everyone always says when they find out I’m a stay at home mom – “Oh thats great, they’re only little once, you’ll get to witness those first steps … ”
I used to say, “I know, I’m so excited, thank you.”
Now I have to say, “That was the plan, but after putting countless sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears into this whole mother thing, she walks for her dad the minute he steps out of his car from his 9-5 while I’m making dinner LIKE A GOOD WIFE AND MOTHER. So, although she’s only little once, she’s a little thief, giving my reward to someone else, albiet her father, but still I’m sure you can see my frustration. And what is it that you do?”

One thought on “This happened, this monumental thing happen on Sept 2, 2005

  1. To calm those of you down that may be upset with my not running up the stairs to grab the attention of “Old Lady Schaap” – Jessica really isn’t walking yet. She did take a step but I’m not sure if it was an actual step or if she was falling forward and put her foot out to catch herself.
    Either way – our baby is a mover and she’ll more than likely be taking obvious steps sooner than expected.

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