The devil wears prada in this house.

I came home early from Chicago today. I wanted to come home last night already, about 10pm Chicago time … but Aaron wouldn’t let me. (He knew what he was doing)
Apparently Jessica has an evil twin, one who is the devil incarnate. And we accidentally took her to Chicago and left our sweet, happy, wonderfully adjusted baby back at home. When I said yesterday that Jessica was doing wonderfully – I had absolutely NO IDEA what was to come later that day. The screaming. Oh dear heavenly father, the screaming.
I don’t know this for sure, but if I was in the room next to us I would have complained … and I feel so bad for those other patrons who had to live through this horrible ordeal with us. I still don’t know what was going on. But the baby, she wouldn’t stop screaming, she wouldn’t sleep and she didn’t really like to be held all that much.
I was powerless. There was one blessing of an hour when she slept during the day yesterday – around 7pm. So I ordered an in-room movie, little did I know that THE O.C. was on at SEVEN IN CHICAGO. So I even missed my show. (yeah, laugh … I don’t care at this point) So this morning we got up, I fed Jessica and we decided I could go home if I needed to – which I did. So I packed Jessica and myself up and we were on our way home by 10:23 am.
She slept the entire way home. Those were the best 3 hours of my life.
I did have a wonderful birthday, full of shopping and fun. The Jessica fiasco didn’t begin until about 4pm. And it got really bad about 9 pm – when the screaming was non-stop for hours, I’m not exaggerating. I wanted to drink an entire fifth of vodka, alone.
Now that we’re home she seems to be doing a bit better, but there are still random screaming fits through out the day. Although, over all, it’s much better today at home than it was yesterday in Chicago.
Kids. Need I say more? A vacation for myself won’t ever again be a vacation for MYSELF unless of course I leave the child behind.

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