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I was reading my parenting magazine, which is only useful for the one nugget of consumer spotlighting they do in each issue, and they did a small paragraph on coupons. They included some sites that I went to and are pretty helpful for the frugle shopper.
Coupon sites I recommend: (I chose the Lansing link, and got some good coupons, it’ll ask for your zip code, so you won’t get coupons you can’t use)
You’ll have to download a “coupon printer” and if you use any browser other than IE, you’ll probably have to “allow” the site into your firewall list of ACCEPTABLE sites. will prompt you to do this. Once you download it, you won’t need to again for any other site.
If you have any other good links for coupons, good deals or freecycle-type websites – send them my way. I’d like to make a special section compiling this information for my readers and other stay-at-home-mom’s or just smart shoppers.

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