Photo album making, or photo album making?

I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to make a scrapbook album of/for Jessica. I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing these kinds of books, but I did start one for her. Should I finish it?
I’ve started working with iPhoto on our Mac at home, and I really like the books you can create with it – I even think I’ll be going to a workshop on iLife in GR next week to learn how to use it better.
But my dilemma is, do I finish the scrapbook I have for Jessica – which would mean signing up for a crop and spending 12 hours straight getting it done, an excuse for “adult contact” or “alone time” – or should I put it to the way side and focus on the iPhoto books?
I suppose I could do both – I have most of what I need and then some to finish Jessica’s scrapbook and it doesn’t cost anything to do the iPhoto books (other than ordering them, at $30 a pop, which is saving money compared to the scrap booking). I just don’t like going to these crops alone.
Anyone I know out there into scrap booking and crops???

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