Actual first stepage witnessed

Wednesday night we witnessed, together, the first steps. The very first step was just Aaron and Jessica but then when I got home from running childless errands, she did it again.
Oh the glory. My life’s purpose is fulfilled in some small degree. I have witnessed the first steps. The partaking of the first steps and the aftermath of the wonderment of those first steps. I am a Mother.
Now I have to check bungi-jumping, watching husband sky dive and going on a cruise off my list before I can say my life is actually semi-fulfilled.
The things I have to get done. It’s like the childless errands, which are sent from Jesus up above. Running in and out of a store for one small thing and it only takes MINUTES. Not halves of hours or hours even. Childless errands are my drug of choice. They keep me sane, give me some contact with other humans running those same errands – some with children, some not. And it’s a sisterhood I love being a part of.
You can tell who the mom’s in the stores are – the ones without the kids, running the childless errands – we’re always mesmerized by something. Staring at a product, actually taking our time to decide what to put in the cart. We’re also the ones who book it to the correct section of the store without knowing exactly what it is we came inside for.
And you can probably always find us in the kids’ section at one point or another on our shopping spree – aka childless errands. Because it doesn’t matter anymore what we’re shopping for – if we’ve been given strict orders NOT to shop for the children, to only spend money on ourselves, as a treat even – we will inevitably find a way to spend most of that fun money on the babies.
When we’re not in the kids’ section, or the cleaning aisle pondering which dish detergent really does clean better than the leading brand – we’ll be in shoes, lingerie or candy. Because lets face it – those are the 3 things that keep us going.

One thought on “Actual first stepage witnessed

  1. Jod- love the part about the mothers in the store and finding a way to spend money on our babies. it is all too true so thankyou for putting into words what I laugh at everytime I do childless errands

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