Renters demise

We broke down and signed up for Netflix this weekend. After being faithful Blockbuster customers for years and after enduring their prices for those same years, we finally broke and went for Netflix.
The straw that broke the camles back for us was renting a movie at $4.50 and after being half way through it – realizing it wasn’t worth the money. All those movies we say are “renters” when we don’t want to pay for the movie theater experience are now “waiters” because I’d rather see a crappy movie on the big screen than to see the same crappy movie on my small screen, with bad lighting, and hushed conversation in the background.
Right now we’re on the minimum account – one movie at a time for $9.99 a month, but it’s unlimited. So we’ll see how this goes. We even tried Family Video for a week or so – and although their prices are amazing, you only get the new releases for one night, and when you return it late they rape your wallet.

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