From the breastessess to the sippy cup

I think this morning was my last morning nursing Jessica. She’s weened herself for the most part. I got the ball rolling about 2 months ago cutting one feeding out of her schedule and replacing it with more solids and water. About a month after that I took one more feeding out, doing the same with more solids and water.
A few weeks ago she, herself, stopped nursing before bed and this morning she threw a tantrum while I tried to nurse her. I think I don’t have much left to offer, but I have been nursing more lately with the teething and the screaming and the child who won’t stop crying. So I would have thought my supply would be up to par with demand.
I don’t know how I feel about this yet. It’s kind of exciting because I don’t have to be AS careful, not that I was a saint, with what I was eating. You know the token, no sugar or perservatives … didn’t last that long. But I was eating healthier than normal for myself while I was nursing. And now I can eat chocolate for lunch and it won’t affect anyone but myself. That’s bittersweet, literally.
Jessica has been a very independent child, which is very nice. She knows what she wants and she shows us with the crying or the pointing or the screaming. Sometimes she even just looks at it and we’re supposed to read her mind, she really is getting this whole sign language thing down.
I just always thought I would be the one to decide when I was done, not the other way around. I wanted to be able to nurse as long as my baby wanted to (atleast a year) and I wanted to be sure they were getting everything they needed from me. But I didn’t expect to wake up this morning and say good bye to nursing. It wasn’t even nice this morning, the tantrum took away from the moment of rememberance.
So sad. I haven’t been pumping for about 2 months now, so I have no reserve built up incase she wants to nurse again, or wants a bottle. This is it for us. From the breastesses to the sippy cup. WHO FORGOT TO TELL ME SHE’LL BE GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW AND HAVING HER OWN BABIES AND CALLING ME TO TELL ME SHE’S DONE NURSING TOO!!!!????

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