Just because they said so.

I’m a tad bit outraged with the implied standard that whatever our pediatrician says is gold. I will publicly say that I had a hard time deciding whether or not to vaccinate Jessica and after a few months of thinking and talking it through with Aaron and finding the right pediatrician, we did finally decide to vaccinate.
Which isn’t a problem anymore – once we’ve made a medical decision I’m fairly stable within the perimeters of that decision. However, this last doctors appt for Jessica I asked the doctor about her meat intake, mainly because she’s not getting as much since we stopped feeding her the canned baby food. I now make every one of her meals.
We talked about it and then he gave me a list of foods not to give her before she’s one. On this list was egg whites, and honey.
She has eggs at least 2ce a week, if not more. I was so stunned with the list he gave me that I said nothing, accepted it and went home to the internet. Now I know, you’re thinking I can’t believe everything I read on the internet and Pediatricians go to school and learn these things, where as – I didn’t.
However, from the research that I did do – I found that the only reason egg whites are on the list was because there are some proteins in the egg white that an infant could be allergic to. No side effects, nothing like loosing a limb or getting some disease and dieing. Allergies. Yet when questioned it’s merely “It’s not recommended.”
For once, I would like to know why it’s not recommended. And not the text book answer – if she’s having eggs on a regular basis and has a clean bill of health – then why, WHY are egg whites on the list of things to NEVER give your baby before age 1.
And then the honey. Now this one gets me just because the numbers, because lets face it – that’s all this is, statistics and numbers and letters, not patients or health or heart-felt recommendations based on MY child – honey is on the list because of the bacteria, or spores, in honey could cause Botulism.
“Infant botulism is an illness that can occur when a newborn ingests a specific type of bacteria that produce a toxin inside the body. The condition can be frightening because it can cause muscle weakness and breathing problems. But it is very rare: Fewer than 100 cases of infant botulism occur each year in the United States. Most of the babies who do get botulism recover fully.” (source)
Let me highlight a few things for you – But it is very rare: Fewer than 100 cases of infant botulism occur each year in the United States. Most of the babies who do get botulism recover fully.
Jessica has a higher risk of dieing of SIDS than of ingesting the bacteria and contracting botulism. Yet when I searched for honey and infants on google, the articles always had bold face warnings “NEVER FEED HONEY TO YOUR BABY”. Because LESS THAN FREAKING 100 CASES OCCUR A YEAR IN AMERICA.
Why don’t we get this information along with the canned responses?

3 thoughts on “Just because they said so.

  1. I know you said that you decided to vaccinate, but in case you are interested–there is an excellent book called “Vaccinations-a thoughtful parents’ guide…” by Aviva Jiil Romm. Very good and thorough.
    And about everything else– I hear ya! I hate that we don’t get to hear the whole scoop on things.

  2. The old addage “all things in moderation” is a good one to keep in mind. The honey problem has been around for years. I also let my kids have it and quess what, Paul Anne and Brian appear to be okay! Ya have to remember that drs. have to cover their butts for everything nowddays because of the tendency for someone out there to sue them! If Jessica is healthy and happy – keep feeding her like you do and loving her and all well be fine.

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