Nappy monster

The napping schedule is changing. The morning nap of 3 hours right after breakfast is no longer in existence. Instead we have about an hour or so nap after morning snack.
It really is fun to interact with Jessica in the morning, she’s full of hide and seek, peek-a-boo, and chase me FASTER! Not to mention she plays by herself REALLY well in the morning, so I can get other things done. You know – the important things, like update my site, check my email, read other weblogs. The essentials to getting the day started.
It is a great form of awesome to wake up to Jessica talking, jibbering, dah-dah-muh-bleet-ing. Compared to the shriek of absolute desperation yelling, screaming and begging to PICK ME UP ALREADY, GIVE ME BOOB and HOLD ME TIGHTER, CLOSER, SOONER.

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