9 months today

Today you are 9 months old. As old as it took for you to come into this world.
Your father made a comment tonight as we were coming home from a date (WITHOUT YOU) he said, “We’ve had a baby in our lives for 18 months.”
A year and half I’ve had you in my thoughts and prayers. For a year and half I’ve been sweating you, breathing you, crying for and with you, holding you, rocking you and wishing for and on you. Jessica, sweet baby girl, you are the breath of Heaven for me and for your dad.
You’ve started “talking” more, like mini conversations of jibberish. You play by yourself really well but you LOVE to play with Cousin Emma or your best friend Anna. When other babies are around, you’re eyes light up. Just as they do when I walk around the corner and you notice I’m still there. Just as they do when Dad comes home.
I get stopped in the street because people can’t wait to tell me how beautiful your eyes are. How blue they are, and what a pretty girl we have.
Jessica, I love you so much …
With all the love there is to give,
For you, sweet baby girl, I live
You are the breath of Heaven sent
Good mornin’ child, sweet dreams are spent

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