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Traverse City is awesome. We are having a wonderful time. We’ve done some window shopping, ate at Poppycocks, which I highly recommend, as well as Minerva’s, also recommended but not more than Poppycocks. We took in a flick, did some outlet shopping and are now spending some quality time in the basement of a local book store.
Tomorrow we plan to have breakfast at a cafe we scoped out today, take a ride around the town – look at the historical houses, do some more window shopping and eat some more amazing food.
Usually when we go away we don’t always know whats going on. Or the town we’re in isn’t all that “happening”, or we have Jessica and, well – there isn’t much kid friendly things to do with a 9 month old. She likes to eat, sleep and poop. And play, with toys or kitchen utensils. So this has been a breath of fresh air for us.
We took the coveted middle of the day nap today. It was glorious. And tomorrow morning I plan on sleeping in until I wake up, on my own. I might just cry because I’m so friggen excited for this monumental event – the ritual of the Sleep-In.
I do hope Jessica is sleeping well. She doesn’t do so good unless she’s in her own crib. I’ve only called once and she was sleeping, but not on her normal schedule. Which doesn’t matter at all because atleast she is sleeping. Maybe I’ll have to make her take some of her naps in the pack-n-play to get her used to variety.
And we’re signing off, random post is going to end abruptly. And I can’t spell.

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